• Habit Coaching

    What It Is & Why I Do It

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    What is Habit Coaching?

    Consistent, accessible support to help you build better habits.


    Habits are the actions you take regularly. Goals are the longer-term milestones that you are moving towards.


    Selecting and building the right habits is what gets you to your goals.


    With habit coaching, we'll work together to define the right habits and best actions to move you towards your goals. You'll get personalized support, motivation, tips, and daily accountability.


    Unlike most traditional coaching, with this approach, you'll generate momentum and build habits that actually stick.


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    Why I Coach

    TL;DR: To help people.


    For much of my life, I struggled with focus, concentration, and building consistent habits. What seemed to come so easily for others often felt like an insurmountable challenge to me.


    I tried and failed countless times to "force" habits and big changes into my life. I didn't understand the principles of what I was trying to do, and believed that willpower alone was what I was lacking.


    Over the past several years, I've spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning about habit development, behaviour change, and how to actually make things stick. I've tested a wide range of tactics and strategies in my own life, and over time, built new practices into my life that have allowed me to build my focus, along with many other positive habits.


    I still run into challenges, as we all do. But learning to master the fundamentals of habit-building—and in particular, developing my practice of focus—has changed my life.


    Now, I want to share what I've learned, and support others in their own journey of self-development and transformation.

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    Who It's For

    (Probably you, if you've read this far!)


    I help purpose-driven people cultivate focus, clarity, and consistency so they can build momentum and achieve success in their life and work.


    If you believe that...

    • Changing your habits can change your life;
    • Willpower alone isn't enough; and that
    • Sometimes, you have to go slow to go fast
    ...then you and I will likely be a great fit for coaching.


    Coaching takes place virtually, so you can join from wherever you currently call home.


    With me as your coach, you'll feel supported and make meaningful progress on the goals that matter to you most.


    Check out what others are saying about working with me.

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